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ABOUT US is inspired by a girl who started running at a young age. She is now 19 years old and is still running. Her heritage is Ethiopian so what better way to support her dream than roasting fresh flavourful beans.

Serena is currently training at SFU and with a local track club alongside with Canadian National team members. Serena qualified for the semifinals in the 100 meter dash at nationals in summer of 2022 for the women's U20. What an amazing experience for her!! We look forward to her continued success.

Serena was diagnosed with a severe hearing loss at very young age and has a cochlear implant, but her disability has never stopped her from achieving top grades in school and top speeds in running. It is a honour for our family to begin this business inspired by an ambitious self-confident young lady.

How our Coffee is Roasted

Currently this is a local business based out of the lower mainland. Our goal is to roast coffee as demand requires.

 The coffee is roasted with a high tech coffee roasting machine to make the coffee

              fresh  just  for  you !!

Coffee 2.jpg
Serena SFU 1_edited

Using the Nespresso gives the coffee the nice crema froth on the top and has a nice aroma. Thank you for providing great coffee! 



Great coffee 

I am going to buy again.


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