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History of Coffee

Ethiopia is the birthplace of Coffee. However, it wasn’t a human that reportedly first made this discovery; rather, a goat! According to legend, an Abyssinian livestock herder named Kaldi once lived in present-day Ethiopia around 850 CE. One day, while strolling across his land, Kaldi noticed his goats grazing on an unknown plant.

It quickly became apparent that the animals’ energy levels had risen significantly as they pranced excitedly around their pasture. Intrigued, Kaldi decided to try the berries on the plant for himself. He soon felt the same sense of elation. Stuffing his pockets, Kaldi returned home to tell his wife about his experiences.

The couple agreed that Kaldi should seek council with the monks at the monastery near Lake Tana. There, Kaldi presented the chief monk with the berries as he recounted the story of how he had stumbled upon them. As it turned out, the chief monk was less than enthusiastic, believing it to be the work of demonic forces.

The monk, fearing the wrath of evil spirits, tossed the berries into an open fire. Within minutes, however, the room filled with the aroma of roasting Ethiopian Coffee Beans. It wasn’t long before other monks nearby came to inspect the wonderful smell. The beans were retrieved from the fire and then crushed to extinguish the embers.

Finally, the monks transferred the beans to an ewer and poured hot water over them. It began to brew, ultimately creating the Coffee we know and love today - or so the story goes. Whether there is any truth to this tale is a topic of considerable debate. While it’s most likely a myth, one way or another, it gave rise to this much-loved beverage. always delivers fresh Coffee.

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